Meet Sophie

I was born in a family who always had a great taste for beauty and gave me the ability to discern and appreciate it. Throughout my upbringing, I learned manners, the art of hospitality, codes of elegance and luxury, quality requirements and services.

Surrounded by artists, a father printer, a mother jewellery designer, an aunt painter, an uncle restorer for the Louvre and a grandmother embroiderer, I have developed a sensitivity to harmony, colours and materials that I infuse in all my projects. While spending most of my time at the countryside, I attentively watched carpenters, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, sculptors, potters and wicker braiders at work. I was always passionate about manual work, making and selling wood pulp miniatures and masks made of feathers, leather, ribbons, crystals and pearls…

As a young adult, I set off to explore the world. First significant experience: Argentina, Buenos Aires and workshops under the roof of the Maipo theatre. I dedicated myself to the recycling of costumes, dyeing and brushing of ostrich feathers, creating and making masks. I then assisted an Italian-Argentinian designer graduated from Esmod Paris, in his fashion shows. I later became an accessory designer for an audio-visual production company in the beauty sector. The adventure continued in the United States where I joined a prestigious company as an advertising graphic designer.

My eagerness to discover other cultures lead me to live in India and Japan, enriching my knowledge of Oriental art and craftmanship as well as my incredible catalogue of sensations and images. I never stopped exercising my passion for hunting objects, browsing local second-hand and flea markets. My flair and my sharp eye allow me to unearth unsuspected treasures in incredible chaos.

Style consultant then project manager, I trained on-the-job and throughout projects, and supplemented my training by an academic Interior Architecture and Design course. The time had come in this intense journey of life to fully exploit my talents as decorator and designer. Now I put my vision, my experience and know-how at the service of my clients.

Sophie Dessallien


SoDess is a contraction of the first letters of my name and surname. It’s not only a signature but hails from the times I was living in Japan, where “sou desu”, that is pronounced like SoDess, is a statement of acknowledgement expressed during conversations, showing that you are in tune with your interlocutor; this is the starting point for a co-creation relationship with a client.

Fushimi Inari-taisha, Kyoto