I offer my research and unique design services to individuals wishing to enhance their property, to those who want advice and tips in order to reinvent their apartment or their house for their daily well-being, those who just want to step into their town flat and those who want a total revamp.

Thanks to my creative and pragmatic vision and precious decorative resources, I can enhance spaces, create atmospheres, artistic, poetic, exotic, classic or quirky settings. I can work on a part or the whole redevelopment of your property according to your wishes.

From simple consultation to ready-to-live projects, my mission is to reveal the full potential of a space to reflect your personality so that your heart and spirit feel at home.

Always thrilled to provide inspired design, stylish mix and match of colours and materials, to select the right piece for an environment, I bring the details to adorn and complete, in harmony with your senses and emotions. I travel the world to find unique items and hidden gems, be it contemporary, antiques, vintage, art or crafts, to enlighten your place with that little extra and make it one of a kind.

My passion and dedication seeking out beauty, exclusivity and poetic twists, with intuition, cultural fusion and Parisian flair, and creating irresistible bespoke home interiors have no other equal than the satisfaction of my clients.

Atmospheristic Interior Design

We can have many ideas and inspirations but when it comes to plan and create our own personal environment, we can easily feel lost facing all the possibilities of styles, colours, furniture or accessories. It is also hard to know how to re-arrange, transform, sort or recycle some of the existing elements to reach the desired harmony.

SODESS puts the human and personalisation at the core of its vision when it comes to reinvent a home, far from the ready-to-sell mass produced packages presented online by many big groups. We define research strategies and build compositions taking into account your wishes and budget until we reach the desired alchemy and added value.

The process proposes the following steps: advice (taking information on the premises and interviewing), surveying or checking odds, diagnosis and recommendations, realisation of a plan of the current building (2D), realisation of a concept board and a plan of atmosphere, study of chromatic harmonies, research and selection of materials, shopping list, realisation of an arrangement plan (2D), realisations of 3D views, photographic compositions, work supervision. Our support services are tailored on a case-by-case basis.

Treasure Hunting & Interior Enhancement Consulting

Furniture ◇ bespoke and unique Items Art ◇ Antics ◇ Vintage ◇ Craft

We have a team ready to sleuth to find objects and treasures you are searching for and covet, as well as unique items to bring a special touch to your decor.

In the frame of a treasure hunting mission we are available in priority mode. We can give orders on your behalf with your permission, within the limits of the budget you have set.

Personal Shopping

We set our qualified network in action according to the challenge to be met in order to satisfy you. Whether it is an existing, to be found, transformed or designed object / art work, we bring to your attention that the acquisition of a single piece often requires anticipation (taking into account funding and deadlines) and responsiveness.

When a piece is rare to find and you are informed of its availability in real time it is preferrable to buy it before anyone else so that you don’t miss out.

Design Coaching

We help you to arrange and optimise your home space. We can assist with sorting out the pieces essential to your new décor and getting rid of the unnecessary ones.

Together we follow and fine tune the direction towards the theme, chromatic harmony and new ambiance you are projecting yourself in.

Home Staging

Selling fast at the best price: Home Staging is the key to add value to your interior. As from the first viewing buyers’ first impression is crucial. You give yourself the best possible odds when choosing Home Staging.

Our dedicated specialist team will support you in these steps. A clear and defined process allows us to add value to your assets and boost potentials in order to put your home under the spotlight.

Home Staging, which is subject to a personalised quote, can include premium inventory, decluttering, rearrangement, minor repairs, full housekeeping, the purchase of furniture and possible accessories and final staging for sale. Quality photographs to be included in the real estate listings will be offered at the end of the transformation.

In partnership with :


KW Partners is a real estate marketplace currently located in Boulogne-Billancourt and in the heart of the 16th arrondissement of Paris. Specialists in the west districts of Paris, KW Partners agents can meet all your needs in France and abroad; to sell, buy or rent your property. From first-time acquisitions to exceptional properties, they can provide you with a turnkey solution thanks to their partner SODESS for home staging, interior design and decoration, object search… For more information

Smart Home & Safety

Instant behaviours, expectations requiring a more comfortable environment, a new connected daily life intertwined with professional life at home are the new standards of the 21st century.

We offer you to take advantage of new technologies to get the best of both home office and family life.

Smartphones and their multiple capacities are ruling our daily tasks, allowing us to oversee our environment et monitor our energy consumption.

From main doors, whose physical keys gave way to digital recognition and electronic fobs, windows signalling openings and intrusions, TVs in the living room, cooker hoods, alarm clock in the bedroom, office lighting, garden monitoring to deliveries, it is now possible to control and monitor everything and also to create automations and simulations.

Our partners are network, telephone, Internet an IT experts. Depending on needs and learning stages, and thanks to the building-block approach of these advances, it is now possible to progress step-by-step. With the right forward-thinking attitude, future installations will be simplified by a minimal preparation at home with no further invasive works or intrusive additional cables.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of services and installations we can provide:

  • Security: connected cameras, video entry panels, alarms, intrusions, fire and leaks detection…
  • Comfort: smart lighting, smart heating and A/C, automatic curtains…
  • Kitchen – Bathroom: advice and connected appliance setting (oven, baking sheet, hood, dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer…)
  • Well-being: connected humidifiers and air purifiers…
  • Leisure: multi-room sound and video, cinema/gaming room, video projection, acoustics optimisation, absorbing/reflecting panels, sound walls…
  • Network: optimization and installation of Internet box, network extension (Ethernet, CPL – Wi-Fi), 4G/5G backup line in case of Internet outage…
  • IT: software installation, computer content cleaning, backup, printer setting…
  • Phones: landline installation and settings, smartphones and tablets settings, calendars/emails/contacts/smartphone/tablets synchronization…
  • Savings: electricity use monitoring, distribution of consumption on connected meters…

Concierge Services

You own a flat in Paris.

Your time is precious and we are there to get everything prepared for your arrival.

Here are some examples of we can do to make your life easier:

  • Planning of airport and train station transfers and travel during your stay
  • Preparing your apartment or home for your arrival (housekeeping, laundry, beds made, refrigerator filled with your selection of favourite products, fresh drinks and flowers, scents for home, toiletries, heating/air conditioning turned on…)
  • Catering services, home catering, wines and spirits*, advice from a sommelier
    *Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume in moderation


Our values: human factor, responsiveness, excellence, discretion and convenience.