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I aim to create the perfect setting for my clients in accordance with their personality and their way of life, and plan the scenography of a house or an apartment without prejudice, free from certain trends and labels.

My clients love the variations of beautiful materials and are sensitive to multicultural inspirations. They love design and the arts, recognize the value of fine craftsmanship and sometimes wish to combine aesthetics and styles that may seem at first irreconcilable.

We meet and exchange. I guide them in the conception of their “object of desire”. I hunt for rare pieces, new materials, distinctive textures. I balance volumes and compose harmonious palettes.

My passion for design, the broad range of my resources, my thirst for knowledge and discovery, nourished over the years and many travels, are key ingredients of my added value and key signature.


My design services are available for those individuals who would like to improve their spaces but don’t know how or where to start. For those who want simple advices and easy tips on how to reinvent their property and for the ones who are not faint of heart and want a complete renovation.

Meet Sophie

I was born in a family who always had a great taste for beauty and gave me the ability to discern and appreciate it. Throughout my upbringing, I learned manners, the art of hospitality, codes of elegance and luxury, quality requirements and services.


When we return home, we sense a profound emotional feeling resonating with our surroundings. Everyone’s response is unique.

As we let our eyes wander we grasp the affinity between volumes, proportions, colours and shapes.

Parchettificio Toscano


SoDess is a contraction of the first letters of my name and surname. It’s not only a signature but hails from the times I was living in Japan, where “sou desu”, that is pronounced like SoDess, is a statement of acknowledgement expressed during conversations, showing that you are in tune with your interlocutor, what I believe, is fundamental for a successful relationship with a client.

Fushimi Inari-taisha, Kyoto

Customer reviews

When I bought my brand new flat in London last year I felt overwhelmed with furnishing and decorating such a blank canvas. Sophie stepped in to help me find pieces of furniture, fittings and colours to create my personal space. She really listened to my needs and understood what would make me feel home. I am over the moon with the results so far and look forward to carrying on the process with her!

Chris H., London

L’appartement que je venais d’acquérir dans un but locatif nécessitait un rafraîchissement complet. Je me suis tourné vers SoDess pour mener à bien ce projet. Son sens de l’organisation et sa maîtrise de la décoration m’ont tout de suite inspiré confiance. Je suis absolument ravi du résultat et de la valeur ajoutée à mon bien.

Steven T., Paris

J’ai confié la rénovation de mon appartement parisien à SoDess. Il s’agissait d’un chantier audacieux avec de lourdes contraintes techniques. J’ai apprécié ses recommandations innovantes et ses facultés d’adaptation à des situations parfois compliquées. SoDess a réussi à transformer ce lieu et à en exhaler tout le charme.

Patrick B., Paris

Je venais de racheter un grand salon de coiffure. L’espace n’avait pas été rénové depuis une vingtaine d’années et présentait de nombreuses aberrations et vices cachés. Il fallait tout repenser, mettre aux normes et être créatif, tout cela dans le respect du budget et en un minimum de temps. SoDess a parfaitement relevé ce défi et répondu à mes attentes.

Christel C., Paris